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see the barricade right here. this is as close as they are allowing us to get. now you can also see people standing in their driveways. folks who live here are not being allowed to go out on to the sidewalk, on the streets. he have one here is hoping to get a glimpse of the presidential motorcade when it arrives. >> to visit us in piedmont is a wonderful thing. because we are obama people. >> reporter: piedmont residents say they couldn't be more excited that president barack obama is coming to their neighborhood for a $38,000 aplate frazer at the home of big time democratic campaign donors, wayne jordan and quinn delaney. >> whatever your political stripe is, you have to be happy that obama has come to the bay area. he is thinking about us. and even though it is a money stop, it's great. >> reporter: as bomb sniffing dogs swept the couple's house preparing for the president's arrival, president obama touched down at the oakland international airport where oakland mayor jean began and barbara lee greeted him before he headed to a location near lake merritt for a roundtable talk with
went up $2 to $64. the pass still costs less than all but one of the top ten u.s. cities with similar transportation systems. boston is the only city with a less expensive monthly pass at $59. leaders say the increases are part of a plan to keep fare and fee hikes small and predictable. >> last decade, our board made a decision to increase fares incrementally and not all at once in a large sum. this, we felt, would be an easier burden for our customers and those throughout the city. so this is something when he to do. you know, we want to make this as easy as possibility for our customers. >> the price for a regular one-time ticket is still $2. >>> and they're not the only agency raising fares. cal-train is increasing fairs by 25 cents. the move is meant to encourage customers to use electronic clipper passes, which are not facing a fare increase. if at least half of riders are using those by march, paper tickets will go up again by next july. b.a.r.t. is putting the last of its inflation increases into effect as well. >>> speaking of b.a.r.t., service was shut down for almost an hour
guarantee partial funding for next year. >> it's not good enough for us. the mistake was made by the foun daks and i feel there needs to be accountability to sustain the $2.2 million that was lost by error. >> our focus is on multi-year funding. we have some very good possibilities there. and one application that's already pending. >> the lost federal grant money would have paid for the next five years of the program. >>> right now, police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who crashed into two homes in east palo alto today, just stopping inches from a sleeping baby just after 5:00 this morning. the family woke up to find a black cadillac inside their bedroom. the car hit one house and sent bricks flying into the window before crashing into the side of a garage that had been converted into a bedroom in a second home. a mother, a 2-month-old baby and 3-year-old son were sleeping as the car came crashing in. >> the bassinet was kind of thrown on me. she was screaming. my son was screaming. they're both fine, though. and my little brother actually had to break the door down to get us out.
legally in the past three months. those weapons were used in this shooting in aurora. >> we tracked down holmes' uncle in caramel. kimber kimberly? >> reporter: his uncle this came as a surprise to him as well and still seems surreal. we talked to holmes, he says he only knew his nephew when they would occasionally see each other during the holidays. they weren't very close, despite them having the same name. we were able to talk to him briefly. he did not want to talk to us on camera, but this is what else he had to say. the the uncle of 24-year-old james holmes, the suspect in the deadly shooting in colorado, did not want to talk to us on camera, telling nbc bay area, he's still trying to come to terms with what happened. despite holmes being the uncle's name sake, he says they were not close an only say each other sometimes during the holidays. holmes' uncle describes the student as an unassuming guy who the family calls jimmy. he says he found out about the shooting through an early morning phone call and says he has talked to his mothbrother, father of the suspect. holmes' uncle see
to us, it really brings it home. >> reporter: diane banister is the owner of a website where models from all over the world post photos of themselves which they can sell to fans. carley richards posed for a photo shoot in colorado before going to the theater. >> i'm looking forward to that photo set that she submits to us. but at the same time, it's just a profoundly sad thing. the clothes that she was wearing in that photo shoot that she did that day for our site, she won't retrieve again. >> reporter: banister was moved enough to pay richards' medical bills and start a fund-raising everett efforts to help other vicks of the shooting. >> we filled out the remainder amount that they claim they need to make sure that she gets all of those needs met, including psychological care going forward. >> reporter: richards, hospitalized the night of the shooting, will be okay. and what happened to her will now, thanks to a bay area ceo, help other families affected. in addition to having the outfit she wore during the photo shoot now entered as evidence, she blogged about how she wore a t-shirt fr
talk that u.s. athletes got from the first lady. >>. >>> new details on a suspicious device found near at&t park today. in the last two hours the authorities gave the all-clear. construction crews dug up an artillery shell in the mission bay neighborhood. here's the picture of the ordnance found at 3rd street and mariposa and transported to an area across from at&t park. two buildings and two house boats were evacuated and two streets were closed. officials from travis air force base determined there was no powder in the shell. so it was not dangerous. there will be no impact to the giants game tonight. >>> we also have some breaking news right now just in the past few minutes, a decision on the fate of the south bay's newest casino. arturo santiago is live in san jose with the late breaking developments. arturo? >> reporter: it's been a waiting game for most of the day, but we did just receive a few minutes ago with a spokesman with the casino that the owners of casino m8trix have received final approval from the chief of police. this whole process started about five years ago when th
the building to be part of the next year's america cup sailing race. it was also used as arc pag lot. america's cup organizers say the fire will not prevent them from using the facility. >>> let's continue our coverage of the 2012 london games. a live look at the cauldron where the third day of competition has come to an end. from ticket troubles to athletes demanding big changes. a lot of action both on and off the playing field. nbc bay area's phil rogers has the latest. he is live in london where it's just after 1:00 a.m. >> hi, janelle. it was a picture perfect day in london today with a lot of action in the pool and on the courts and even in the press. as as kayakers navigated the treacherous white water slalom course today, officials of the london organizing committee were dealing with rough waters of their own, continuing controversy over empty seats. most apparently were tickets allocated to no-show sponsors and olympic officials and athletes. while hundreds of seats are being returned to public use, complaints continue. >> it's infuriating because so many people i know haven't been a
of reporters now, elliana lopez arrived at city haul. she was escorted by her attorney. he tells us that she found the experience of testifying a bit scary because it was her first time testifying and because english is not her primary language. here's a live look inside of the hearing. you see the suspended sheriff in front of the camera. his wife, lopez, is expected to answer more questions about that new year's eve fight with her husband that left her bruised arm. she testified she made that videotape after her neighbor made her afraid that she could lose custody of their 3-year-old son. she left their son back in venezuela with family members while she's here testifying in the bay area. we'll continue our coverage on the 6 krk newscast. >>> the annualry lease of the state's test scores has been delayed because of test scores posted on facebook and other websites. kimberly? >> reporter: two or excuse me one dozen schools across the state of california are involved in this. two of them in san jose including san jose high school. star tests. statewide exams for students keep track of kids p
about how he killed his wife. he said he tried to make it fast and painless, saying that he used a special martial arts chokehold. we'll have more on his testimony tonight at 6:00, and he will be back on the witness stand tomorrow morning. reporting live in hayward, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, jodi, thank you so much for the update. >>> in other news tonight, more than a thousand firefighters continue to battle a wildfire in remote placer county. the fire has consume in order than 300 acres near the town of forest hill. that's about 40 miles northeast of auburn. it started just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon, and has since force in order than 200 people out of their homes. about 20% of the fire is now contained, but officials worry it could spread if temperatures continue to soar and winds increase. >>> the biggest pot club in america is right here in the bay area, and right now the harborside health center has a huge target on its back. the government is telling the club, which has locations in oakland and san jose to shut down immediately. but the operators
experts tell us that should not apply to this proceeding, so he should be allowed to stay in the room as his wife takes the stand. it was a portrait of family harmony on the day of his inauguration as iliana lopez stood smiling beside her husband with their 3-year-old son. it's an image that lopez wants the ethics commission to focus on. >> i think that, yes, she does have a goal and the goal is to sort of set the record straight because there's been so much misinformation that she feels that it is important to come and tell the ethics commission the truth of the situation. >> but instead there are these images of lopez with a bruised arm and in tears after a fight with her husband that mighte too hard to forget. lopez hopes to put that video taken by lopez's neighbor, ivory madison, into contexcontext. >> she'll give that testimony and set it out as to why she went to ivory madison. she went to ivory madison because she thought she was speaking to an attorney. >> reporter: mayor ed lee suspended the sheriff after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of false imprisonment in connection
turning flip, showing us her version of the floor routine. >> reporter: marshall jones was excited that the trials were right in his back yard. >> i don't think it gets any better than that other than having the real olympics here. there were a lot of fans and family here at the hotel. it was good for us. >> reporter: that was steve penny's prediction. he estimates san jose got $15 million to $20 million ranging from ticket sales to hotels. >> we had over 17,000 people there last night. we had great crowds throughout the weekend. >> it's really good for us anytime we get something like this in town. it gives the people an opportunity to come out. >> reporter: and little mia told her parents exactly what she wants to be when she grows up. >> we've been playing around with this a little bit. she wants to be in gymnastics. after seeing the performance and her reaction afterwards, we have to sign her up. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, just how much foot traffic local businesses, especially in the downtown area, got. and why they'll be getting another boost from the olympics in a matte
between willow and meredith were then evacuated. workers told us that police just came in and told them what was happening and to clear out. >> basically get everyone out, you know, safety first kind of, then secure the restaurant. and then it was just, like, you know, basically your mind takes you wherever, you know? >> reporter: police sent a robot in to inspect and then destroy the contents of that briefcase. it turns out there was a typewriter inside which did not pose a threat to the public. the person who sat down the suitcase has not been identified, but police say they do not think he had ill-intent leaving it unattended. many of the businesses remain closed. again, there was a farmers market open at the time right outside this shopping center, that, too, was shut down early because of this bomb scare. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. >>> despite mild temperatures here, a heat wave is gripping much of the nation from iowa to washington, d.c. in fact, the weather is being blamed for at least 30 deaths over the past week, and today excess
there, i thought he was going to shoot us all. my adrenaline went up to fight mode. and i ended up retaliating and fighting back the hefty guy. >> reporter: that's when the bullets began to fly. the family believes gunmen shot blindly as they bolted out the front door. that's when they realized their mother had been shot in the chest. this is the second violent home invasion robbery in just 48 hours in the city. police say several men also forced their way into a home on 14th street five miles across town. assaulting a man there about 3:00 sunday morning. investigators are checking for connections. >> at first glance, it appears they may not be. but it's early yet. there is a lot of layers of onion to peel back still. >> reporter: for now, they are just asking the community for support. >> to pray for my mom. she is still recovering in icu. so it would be great if everyone just prayed for her recovery. >> reporter: investigators tell me that the suspects may have left behind some physical evidence, some dna in the kitchen. also coming up tonight at 6:00, we hear from the victim's h
area's chris sanchez joins us in freemont, how is the little girl doing? >> she is doing well. very brave. what matters not who she is or where she lives but how she managed to stay so calm. >> i heard banging on the front door. and they were ringing the doorbell. so i checked from the window who it was. and -- it was -- i saw a lady there. but i didn't know her, so i didn't want to open the door. >> 12-year-old tonya heard his chime. that only happens when someone opens a door or window in her home and says sheep was t was t one there and suspected something was terribly wrong. >> i wasn't sure if my mom came home early. i quickly called my mom. she said to call 911 as soon as possible. tonya called 911 and tried to stay calm as the she hid in her bedroom closet. she heard the whispers of a man and woman in the house and heard some one in the bedroom where she was hiding. >> when one came into my room. i started shivering. i told the person on the phone, one of them is in mid room. then that person started looking around. and then, they opened one of my drawers. luckily they didn't
to us and just thank us for chach and what he did for our country. >> reporter: just two days before he was killed, chachi was able to call his parents. coming up tonight at 6:00, his final wish and what his parents are doing to fulfill it. live in danville, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, stephanie. >>> in these tough economic times, those community events where neighbor who is don't see each other often enough go to rekindle old friendships, they're disappearing. but in the south bay, a fourth of july tradition was saved not by the city raising taxes or fees but by businesses and neighbors donating dollar, a plan they say makes a lot of sense. nbc bay area's arturo santiago is live in san jose with the story. arturo? >> reporter: well, this morning's event was actually called the rose, white and blue parade. a bit of history here, it started way back in 1896 as part of the rose celebration that was held every may. a few years ago, the parade was moved to the fourth of july. for all intents and purposes, this is san jose's fourth of july parade. it just happens to be sp
are using tools on the ground to put out the flames, helicopters are working from the air as well. the rugged terrain and wind is not helping matters there. we'll have more on this tonight at 6:00. >>> meantime, a major storm hit the east coast overnight, killing at least 13 people. three governors have declared a state of emergency there. as many as 3 million people are without power. the hardest-hit area virginia and washington, d.c. and today, temperatures reached a record 104 degrees in the nation's capital, making it extremely dangerous for those people without power and, therefore, without air-conditioning. nbc's brian mooar has a look. >> reporter: the storms hit with little warning, and left behind a multistate path of death and destruction. not even mighty trees were any match for hurricane-force wind. >> the word that comes to mind is horrific. the wind was howling. the trees seemed to be bending. >> reporter: falling trees were responsible for several of the deaths blamed on this sudden outburst of violent weather. >> lights were flashing. the sky was lit up. the wind w
to discover amazing stories of heroism tied to the tragedy. as jay gray shows us, countless lives were saved on that fateful night by seemingly ordinary people showing extraordinary bravery. >> reporter: police and federal agents are back at the theater and the suspect's apartment now. as investigators continue to uncover evidence, this shattered community is finding strength in the stories of heroes like stephanie davies. >> ally told stephanie she needed to run. stephanie refused to go. >> reporter: president obama first introduced us to stephanie and ally young after a sunday hospital visit. two young women who come to define the phrase best friends for life, with the emphasis on life. >> we're laying there, literally in the mouth of hell. there's smoke, there's explosions, there's blood, there's dust. >> reporter: when the bullets started flying that night, ally hit the floor first, but it wasn't to hide. she had been hit. >> i just remember opening my eyes. i'm on the ground, blood everywhere. and i just hear her saying ally, get up. ally, get up, we have to go. >> reporter: a bullet ha
at the hospital. their grandson, raja singh tells us he is not sure if his grandmother is going to pull through. we're live in san bruno, arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, arturo. >>> we're following developing news tonight that wildfire in placer county continues to burn at this hour. it's burning outside of auburn near the town of forest hill. more than one thousand acres have burned, and today governor jerry brown called for more firefighters and the california national guard to help battle these flames. it has already forced over 300 people to evacuate. >> while many fire departments here in the bay area are being forced to scale back, san jose is beefing up its department thanks to a multimillion-dollar grant. fire and city officials announced the $8.5 million federal grant today at a press conference. the grant should allow the department to hire and train 27 firefighters by next february. san jose also received another grant last year which helped the city rehire 49 firefighters who were laid off due to budget cuts. in all, san jose has 644 sworn firefighters. almost all of
was killed. of and do we have any answers yet as to what kind of firearm was used? >> reporter: well, the answers are kind of trickling in. this is an awful thing to have happen in a community, but because the child's father is an officer of the law there are certain questions that need to be asked. tonight, a number of investigations are looking for those answers. it's almost too quiet in the neighborhood where 3-year-old preston orlando was shot and killed. >> we know where the father is. we know where the mother is. and we are concerned for their welfare. this is a very, very tragic ins accident. >> reporter: the little boy is the son of san jose police officer brandon orlando, a nine-year veteran of the force. just before 5:00 yesterday evening police responded to orlando's home on the 7500 block of kentwood court in gilroy. paramedics tried to revive the toddler but he was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. >> i know the family is very hurt, not only the family but the neighborhood who is a very close-knit neighborhood. they see the child as one of their own. >> reporte
and they told us it was never a question of if they would give the kids money but how much they could give them to take care of them the rest of their lives. >> i was really surprised when -- the first time he said, you know, i -- you know, when i decided to kill my wife and hide the body that he was just that open about it. >> reporter: hans reiser's decision to represent himself dug him into a deeper hole as far as jurors were concerned. >> mr. reiser says that he wanted a large family of five children. and if he wasn't going to get it from nina, he was going to get it from other women, one way or the other. the women on our jury quite frankly felt like screw you. >> reporter: just before 11:00, the jury came back with the verdict. they were unanimous. hans reiser is liable for his wife's murder and has to pay the 11-year-old and 12-year-old for emotional suffering and loss of their mother. the children's attorney, arturo gonzalez shall says this decision ensures any money reiser makes from prison or any ideas he comes up with will go to the kids. >> i can't tell you how happy we are right no
sent us this picture last night showing the police activity and the blocked roads. police say they plan to step up patrols in the area. >> the oakland police department and the city of oakland, takes this very seriously. this is an area where we do have a high level of activity, we have a lot of restaurants and entertainment, that is always a concern for us. we have applied additional -- patrols, investigators, aren't following up on -- active -- leads and witnesses. along with surveillance video. >> it happened right there at jack london square. police say so far they can say the suspect is an african-american man. believed to be between 18 and 20 years old. the second shooting on a sunday at jack london square. >> he killed their mother now. they want his money. the children of hans reiser are suing their father for $15 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. jodi hernandez is live where jury selection is under way. jodi. >> reporter: jury selection began this morning, in the civil trial of hans reiser. though testimony has yet to begin. things got off to a pretty heated start as reiser
transmission worldwide, as in africa where women cannot always demand their partners use condoms. >>> also in san francisco, a popular muni stop was shut down today. they were marching in memory of a young man who died in a police shootout one year ago today. stephanie, are they planning any more protests this evening? >> reporter: raj, not for this evening, but this is not the last of these protests. there were no muni training coming in and out for just under an hour, but family and friends say they plan to have muni shut down every year in memory of the 19-year-old. >> it's hard because i miss my son. i'm still waiting for him to walk through the door. >> reporter: she is standing just feet from where her 19-year-old son died in a gunfight with san francisco police exactly a year ago. officers chased him for failing to pay his $2 muni fair. >> we feel that those are false allegations. there were plenty of witnesses the day of kenny's murder. that said he didn't have a gun. >> reporter: about three dozen of his family, friends and supporters took to the streets this morning disrupting tw
it in the pouring rain and as nbc's brian mooar shows us, you might be surprised at how romney responded. >> reporter: hundreds braved the downpour to see president obama in the way you have seen him before. >> not letting a little rain chase us away. >> reporter: the president took on both mother nature and republican mitt romney in a state that is the looking like a key fall battleground. >> he invests in companies that have been called pioneers of outsourcing. >> reporter: that's the tune of a new ad attacking romney's time at bain capital. ♪ o beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain ♪ >> reporter: romney tells nbc news the outsourcing claims are untrue. >> and the president's campaign has been i think outrageous in making the kind of charges they have. i think the kinds of attacks are beneath the dignity of the presidency. >> reporter: romney says he left bain capital in 1999 to head the salt lake city winter olympics and he says he wasn't responsible for the outsourcing of jobs. but s.e.c. documents list him as bain's ceo for two years after he says he left. meanwh
. and here's more on the efforts to free them. >> the officials tell us they are working on the release of the kidnapped. the kidnapper says he will only release the two americans once his uncle has been freed. the officials say they are working to release him, but have imp impaw thighsed. and the kidnappers here have been speaking to local media saying the americans are in good shape and they are being fed and treated well despite the fact that one of the americans has a diabetic condition. back to you. >>> as the race for the white house heats up, the obama and romney campaigns are accusing each other of lying. romney's campaign saying he is being unfairly accused of outsourcing jobs, and obama campaign says it has the paperwork to back it up. >>> president obama's supporters are making no apologies for their latest attacks on mitt romney, his personal finance and says he was a jobs outsourcing pioneer when he ran bain capital. >> stop wining, i give him his own advice. >> he says the allegations are untrue, unfair. >> they want to talk about anything but president obama's bismol reco
republicans and democrats tried to spin the numbers and the focus to their advantage. the report showed the u.s. added just 80,000 jobs last month, not enough to change the 8.2% unemployment rate. but listen carefully to a democrat and then a republican trying to use other economic numbers to lure voters. >> 28 months in a row of private sector job growth. would we like it to be happening faster? you bet we would. >> 41 straight months now of unemployment above 8%. >> democrats also tried to shift the focus to romney's finances and his offshore investments to which republicans today shot back that romney is still paying u.s. taxes on those investments. >>> a veteran character actor who won an oscar back in 15955 and kept his career going up until a few weeks ago has died. his face is instantly recognizable, right? his name, ernest borgnine. he was 95 and died at cedars-sinai medical center in los angeles with his family by his side, we're told. he played many roles throughout his career but perhaps best known right here as the star of "mchale's navy" that ran from 1962 until 1966. his oscar cam
sounds, and then all of this smoke came up right next to us. we didn't think anything of it until the person, um, our friend, who was sitting behind my sister -- >> she was right behind me. and he basically yelled. >> he yelled. >> oh, my god! >> oh, my god, what the hell? >> oh, my god, what the hell just what happened? >> turned around and he had probably an inch -- an inch-around hole in his forearm that was pouring blood. >> blood everywhere. all over his legs. >> and all over -- >> all over the -- >> his neighbor had blood and basically went into kind of, you know, protective mode and dragged him out. we all kind of got up and were, like, pushing each other, go, go, go, we need to get out of here. something is very wrong. we were very lucky, we got out very fast. people were running out and saying there's a shooter, there's a shooter. get out of the theater. >> we heard a round -- >> we heard a second round of bullets. >> reporter: police were already there when they got outside, they are counting their blessings and say the outcome could have been much worse, they say their
was exiting the muni bus when he fell. >> city firefighters responded to the call and used air bags to lift the bus off the passenger. in a near miraculous twist, he wasn't suffering any pain. he's being evaluated at the hospital. >>> odds are, you or someone you know was caught in this morning's commuting nightmare. tonight we have new information on the man at the center of it all. monty francis has the latest details many monty? >> the driver accused of creating that big delay has been identified as antonio roberson oakland. he's expected to face charges of felony drunk driving. the chp says he was on parole for human trafficking. we're learning why it took so long for those eastbound lanes of the bridge to reopen. >> footage from our chopper shows how bad the delays were. the backup for computers trying to get out of san francisco and into the east bay stretched on for miles. an eight hour ordeal that left drivers stuck in traffic going nowhere. >> i called my job and told them i'd be really late. >> we car pooled and i have three kids. >> this badly damaged car, crashed at the s curve
is there with more for us. jay? >> reporter: good evening. president obama joining thousands here in colorado and across the country trying to bring some comfort to this shattered community while police continue their investigation both in the theater behind me and in the suspect's apartment. president obama arrived in colorado carrying the sorrow and condolences of the nation for the families of the victims and survivors of the massacre. his visit marks a day of memories and mourning in aurora. ♪ many turning to a higher power during sunday services as they struggle to try around understand the killing spree and 24-year-old james holmes, the man police say is responsible. >> the source of the evil that took the lives -- >> memorials are growing across this shattered city. >> right here. >> so many searching for some way to honor the injured and remember the fallen. >> you can't believe something like this happened in my community. we needed to pay our respect. i just feel awful. >> reporter: there is little blunt can do right now. forced to tell their young children, that their dad, john k
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